Crossing My Fingers…

I just returned from the Kerrville Folk Festival a few days ago.  This was my third time attending, and as usual I heard some great music and met some beautiful people.  The best part was reconnecting with old friends, especially Matt and Nancy from Portland.  It was funny – the other times I went it seemed like real roughing it to me…sleeping outside, using outhouses and group showers.  This time my perspective was very different…they have electricity and running water!  I might as well have been at a spa.   I had a hard time settling into the rhythm of the festival this time though…staying up all night, functioning on next to no sleep, the heat and humidity…I was homesick for the mountain.

I’m still trying to figure out how music is going to fit into this new life we’re building.  We are attending our first party in the community this weekend and word on the street (or dirt road, in this case) is that there are a lot of musicians in the area.  I’m looking forward to meeting some like-minded souls and crossing my fingers that a little magic might happen.

~ by Kate Mann on 10 June 2010.

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