Over One Year Later…

I had aspirations when I moved to New Mexico to keep a regular blog, but as you can see my last entry is dated over a year ago.  I don’t have a good excuse, but my main reasons are that I’m not used to this format, I don’t have regular online access, and I’m not a very disciplined writer.  However, upon recounting some of the misadventures of my life here on Lama Mountain, I’ve had quite a few friends say “you should write a book.”  The publishing industry being what it is, I have a hard time putting that much effort into something that would likely remain in my notebook for its lifetime, but I think I’ll revive my attempt to be a semi-regular blogger.  If you’d like to read about some of the last year, we’ve been chronicling our progress at Juniper Journeys.  But this blog is going to be more about my personal misadventures as a city girl attempting to adapt to living in a tiny community with no running water, too many dogs, and no bar within walking distance.  Thanks for reading!

~ by Kate Mann on 15 June 2011.

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