Face Off

In addition to our little dog pack, we also have two cats.  Palo is black and white, and he came with us from Oregon.  Rusty is orange, and we adopted him in February from an older Russian woman whose son had left the country and left her with his cat.  “This cat is a bum,” she told us in her thick accent.  “He treats my house like a Taco Bell.  He eats, he sleeps, and then he disappears.”  He fits in perfectly at our house.


One reason we have cats is for mouse control.  We’re building a strawbale house, and all the experts warn that you need to protect your bales from mice.  The cats must be doing their job, because I’ve never seen any sign of a live mouse, although they’ve left a few dead ones lying around as proof to us that they’re earning their keep.


Lately, though, the cats seem to have moved on to big game.  Jeff has been gone most of the last two weeks at a permaculture workshop, so the cleanup of the feline hunting expeditions have fallen to me.  I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years.  I refused to participate in dissection in high school biology.  And now I’m scooping fur and blood and guts off the floor regularly.  This morning, there was a large rabbit that was intact save a large hole in the middle, where various intestines and other organs were plainly visible.  There was also something without a head, possibly a smaller rabbit.  A couple days ago I was greeted by the face of a squirrel staring up at me from the floor next to the fridge.  Not a squirrel head, just the face.  Luckily for you, Jeff has the camera with him so I can’t include photos.

~ by Kate Mann on 22 June 2011.

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